What Are the Basic Dirt Bike Rider Skills Necessary for a Desert Tour?

Opting for a desert dirt bike rental in Dubai is ideal if you’ve always wanted to tour the vast scenic dunes of the Arabian desert. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for some tranquility away from the drone of airplanes, noisy traffic, and power lines. That being said, even though our tours are guided and you don’t need a driving license, you’ll still require some elementary knowledge on gears and clutch control, throttle maneuvering, and braking. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare to make your Dubai desert adventure more memorable by brushing up on some basic skills.

What Beginners Should Know About Clutch and Gear Control

Your clutch is located between your transmission and your bike’s engine, as it enables you to shift gears. It’s used to disengage the power from your bike’s motor to its transmission.

Engage your clutch by tugging on the left lever of your handlebar. This prevents the motor from stalling when in gear.

Remember that if you’re riding an automatic dirt bike, you can halt completely without using your clutch. So how does one use this in a desert you may be wondering?

Well, you’ll need to first retract the lever completely until it reaches the handlebar. As a beginner driver, it’s best to commence by riding in neutral gear. You could also initially use your clutch only, but it’s best if you familiarized yourself with neutral gear too.

To pull away

To pull away, retract the clutch all the way, and choose first gear by pressing the gear lever with your foot. Click it down and amplify your revs by turning your right handle. If you’re not sure what the gear lever looks like, just look for a lever in front of your foot peg.

Try not to rev too hard, as you’ll jerk forward and could take a tumble. And always release the clutch slowly. Never drop the clutch suddenly, because you’ll just stall the motor. Knowing what’s ahead of you if vital for your safety, so try not to look at your gears, but focus on the road instead.

When it’s time to shift to second gear, just select the gear by placing your left foot beneath the gear lever, prior to pulling your clutch in. If you want to change the gears down, first reduce the speed with your rear brake. Use the left handlebar to pull in your clutch fully., while you simultaneously close your throttle.

Shift down your gears via your left foot. Release your clutch while simultaneously unlocking your throttle. If you need to halt, simpler apply your brake a bit harder and gear down until your reach first gear before

Handy Throttle Skills

Controlling your throttle may be one of the most problematic issues when trying to navigate the desert. Your primary concern should be how to hold your wrist in the most comfortable grip.

Relax your grip and never hold onto your bike via the throttle. Squeezing the throttle too hard could lead to cramps, which is the last thing you need when you’re on an adventure.

Squeezing could also lead to irregular acceleration over uneven terrain. Grip lightly with four fingers and keep your wrist straight for optimal control. You should also apply brakes with all your fingers.

Some more experienced drivers apply brakes with just two fingers, but you can also do so if your front brake has a light-traction that can be set into braking motion with limited finger pressure.

Always place your thumb under the throttle. Remember that leaving it on top does not enable any control. And try to avoid holding on too near the exterior or inside of your throttle, as this may cause sticking.

Getting Your Braking Right

Some of the braking challenges rider’s face is incorrect timing, braking in the wrong spot, braking too little or too much, and the wrong combination of rear and front braking.

The bulk of your braking is conducted via your front brake. Always use your front brake before your front wheel begins to skid, and try to do so before you reach a corner. You should also always keep a finger on your front brake lever, even though you may need to apply two if you brake excessively hard.

When applying your rear brake, always ensure that you’re securing your bike tightly with your knees, as this enables you to fine-tune the amount of rear brake you’ll need. Remember that riding with your legs apart will make you lose control of the rear brake.

There’s also no escaping steep descents here, so turn off your engine, get into gear, and walk the bike down while applying your front brake. And don’t forget to lock your rear wheel up when doing so.

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