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2 hour dirt bike
For first-time riders

2 Hour

Learning Course

Motocross Beginner
Only for experienced riders

2 Hour

Motocross Beginner

3 hour ktm
Only for experienced riders

3 Hour

Motocross Advanced

4 hour ktm tour
Only for experienced riders

4 Hour

Motocross Endurance


1 Day Motocross Dubai
Only for experienced riders

1 Day

Motocross Explorer​


3 day motocross dubai desert tour
Only for experienced riders

3 Day

Motocross Nomad


Off-Road Excitement Like Never Before

Dirt Bike Dubai

desert bike rentals

Many people dream of enjoying an off-road adventure in the heart of the Dubai desert. At JustGasIt, we turn those dreams into reality. Turn your adventurous dreams into reality with our thrilling dirt bike tours in Dubai.

Experience the exhilaration of conquering the vast desert landscapes on a state-of-the-art dirt bike, perfect for beginners and experienced riders. Discover Dubai’s hidden dunes and rugged terrains, offering an unforgettable adventure and freedom like never before.

Discover Our Journey From Passion to

Premium Dirt Bike Rentals in Dubai

At JustGasit, we go beyond just discussing what we do; we focus on the ‘why’ behind our passion. Our driving force? A profound love for the desert. At JustGasIt, we don’t just rent out dirt bikes; we offer an experience. Our fleet boasts a wide range of top-quality bikes suitable for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. 

As a company founded by dedicated dirt biking enthusiast, we’ve evolved into Dubai’s premier dirt bike rental service. Our journey started from a desire to share the exhilarating rush and liberating feeling that comes from navigating a dirt bike across demanding landscapes. It’s this core passion for adventure and the allure of the desert that fuels every experience we offer.

Expert Guidance
Benefit from our team of experienced riders who provide invaluable tips and guidance.

Quality Fleet
Ride with confidence on our top-quality, well-maintained dirt bikes suitable for all skill levels.

Safety First
Your safety is our priority, with comprehensive briefings and safety gear provided.

Customized Experiences
Experience tailored rides designed for your skill level – beginner or seasoned pro rider.


A guided tour means that all ours tours are led by professional tour guides, on the same mode of transport you are touring on. It’s the tour guides job to lead you along the way and show you the route.

A driving license is not required to ride a dirt bike in Dubai’s desert, but you must be at least 18 years old to do so.

We provide everything for you, all we suggest you bring is a long pair of socks and an adventurous spirit.

Yes, we offer training packages and have taught many people how to ride a motorcycle in the past. Please contact us directly and we will discuss our training packages with you.

The minimum age of a rider for renting our dirt bikes is 18+ years, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

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