The New Year In Dubai

Fireworks ring in the new year worldwide and many of these international celebrations make the news and attract tourist from around the world. These yearly events are certainly not to be missed and the city of Dubai well known for its many attractions, rich cultural history, and outdoor adventures such as a desert safari also has brilliant firework celebrations to take in. There will be many fireworks celebrations on New Year’s Eve in Dubai each with its own unique flair from the big city to the beaches.

If you’re looking to take in the fireworks keep the following locations in mind.

Where To Watch The New Year Fireworks In Dubai


In the broader sense downtown Dubai is the place to be as come New Years as several different hotels, resorts, and restaurants will have shows and events scheduled with clear viewing of the many different firework shows going on that night. Arrive early and book a seat at your favorite restaurant or event of your choosing and enjoy the show as there will be plenty to see.

Burj Khalifa:

As the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa is a tourist attraction all year long and the New Year is no exception. Every year the Burj Khalifa puts on a show and this year’s attractions look to be equally entertaining involving fireworks, a laser light show, and LED effects. It is also near other attractions such as the Burj Plaza and the Dubai Fountain (with its breathtaking water and light show occurring at the stroke of midnight).

Burj Plaza:

Near the Burj Khalifa is the Burj Plaza which is home to several fine dining establishments and open air seating along the walkway. The Burj Plaza offers a fine view of downtown Dubai’s firework shows as you enjoy a good meal.

Souk Al Bahar: 

Is well known for its many high-end shops, lovely view, and fine dining opportunities. Near the Dubai Mall, many of the restaurants at the Souk Al Bahar are offering special events for the New Year to enjoy the local firework shows and enjoy a fine dining experience. As with many high-end restaurants be sure to book in advance for not only guaranteed setting but also a good view. Some of the restaurants offering special events this year include the Serafina and the Karma Kafé.

Atlantis, The Palm:

A world-renowned five-star hotel Atlantis claims to promote the best firework shows in the entire city. The festivities include not only fireworks but an exclusive party and top of the line dining opportunities. If you’re looking for an all in one New Year’s experience to go with the fireworks this is one to keep in mind.

Black Palace Beach:

If you want to enjoy the fireworks from a slightly less crowded location The Black Palace Beach should be on your list of places to be on New Year’s Eve. Just behind the Al Sufouh Park the Black Palace Beach offers a clear view of the firework shows being held at the Atlantis, The Palm and the fireworks show going on at the Burj Al Arab hotel.

Barasti Beach:

Offers not only a popular beach location for the New Year’s events but also a view of the fireworks show going on at the Atlantis and their own events for the holiday. If you plan to enjoy this event be sure to book your tickets in advance to get the best view of the festivities.

Kite Beach:

A popular vacation spot for visitors Kite Beach is one of the busiest best locations to view the New Year fireworks from the Burj Al Arab hotel from due to its visibility and amenities. Due to crowding unless you’re feeling adventurous you may want to enjoy it the day before and take its natural beauty and cafes.

Madinat Jumeirah:

Another of Dubai’s popular beach resorts the Madinat Jumeirah offers numerous hotels, comfort, and will be putting on a huge fireworks display of their own come the New Year. With a long stretch of beach as a part of the resort itself, there will be plenty of room for viewing and several restaurants offering outdoor meals while you enjoy the fireworks.

Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk:

This 11-kilometer boardwalk is an excellent place to view the city’s fireworks while also enjoying a nice walk (and a smaller vacation expense). The boardwalk gives you a clear view of the fireworks at The Atlantics and if you position yourself in the right location the Burj Khalifa as well.


There’s no shortage of things to do in Dubai for the New Year and equally no shortage of firework shows to watch. With several of the city’s most well-known attractions putting on their own shows the competition will be fierce and the shows equally impressive as each wants to be known as putting on the best and most talked about event.


Finally, remember Dubai still has much to offer you even as you spend the next day recovering from the New Year festivities. No matter if you want to spend time exploring the natural wonders of Dubai before (or after) the fireworks there is much to see that is equally memorable. Outdoor adventures such as Desert Motorbike Tours in Dubai help make your New Year travels even more unforgettable.

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