An Insider’s Guide to Bike Tours in Dubai

Dubai might be famous for its skyscrapers and resort-style living, but it’s also one of the most culturally rich destinations for bike tours. Its winding corridors lend themselves well to a motorcycle, and the endless deserts have been called “nature’s roller coaster.” They’re perfect for dirt bike driver and sand boarding, and once you’ve had your fill of the midday heat, Dubai Creek is perfect for watching the sunset. You’ll bargain for spices and gold, get to know more about Islam, and visit Arabian cities. Motorcycle tours are popular in the region, so you’ll find plenty of instructors and travel guides to help you create your route.

Desert Safaris

Rent a bike in Dubai and set off on a desert tour that suits your experience level. Motorcycle culture is thriving in the region, which has its own Harley Davidson Owners Group. If you think outside the box, you’ll create an interesting itinerary, so don’t limit yourself to daytime rides. Night tours through the historical district will let you take in the lights of the most vibrant cityscape in the world. If you’re planning a desert trip, add Bur Dubai district to your route. It has wide roads for safe biking, with the atmosphere of India. Deira is an alternative that’s known for its gritty ambience and offers a quieter shopping experience than Dubai Mall. When dinner time approaches, simply take Sheikh Zayed road to the restaurant quarter. You’ll see the light play on the canyon and the inimitable skyscrapers rise into the starry sky. This route also takes you past the Trade Centre and Burj Khalifa. The road is a straight one, so it’s excellent for beginners.

Dubai Creek

This route will show you Dubai’s modern and ancient sides, taking you along the river and past the Dhow docks. Once you reach Al Maktoum Bridge, follow the creek into the Shindhaga district. This borough brings you an authentic Arabian experience, complete with street food and coral houses. Visit the Heritage and Diving Museum and the Sheikh Saeed Maktoum House, which has photograph, coin, and stamp exhibitions. Ruling Sheikhs used to live in this area, and many of the houses have been turned into museums. Dubai Creek may become a Unesco heritage site, so visit while the streets are still relatively quiet.

Jumeirah Beach Road

If you’re a water baby and biking beginner, this route is ideal. It’ll introduce you to several biking subcultures and give you more than enough motorcycles to admire. The 12-kilometre stretch between Madinat Jumeirah and Al Diyafah is populated by restaurants serving local delicacies. The souk is a recreation of an ancient marketplace, and it has resorts for escaping the midday heat. The Glory Art Gallery deserves a visit, and foodies will love the Top Chef Cooking Studio. Here, you’ll learn how to prepare authentic dishes. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is right on Beach road, and Cove Beach is best for its nightlife.

The Kalba Route

If your favorite part of biking is the speed, this is your route. It takes you out of Dubai from Al Jaddaf, then east towards Kalba. The road is surrounded by dunes on either side, so you’ll have plenty of scenery to enjoy. You’ll head towards the mountains, where the route introduces some bends and curves before merging with Sharjah Kalba road. Here, you’ll pass through tunnels alongside the ocean. Essentially, if you’re a purist who’s biking for biking’s sake alone, there is no better route for you. You can stop at the Sharjah Arts Museum, which has valuable collections by 18th-century painters. The Central Market sells souvenirs and jewellery, while the Sharjah Museum displays glass and metallic crafts.

Things You Need to Know

Dubai bike tours are some of the best in the world thanks to the region’s smooth, wide roads, so you’ll be able to maintain safe distances. There’s a yellow lane, so you can breeze past the traffic, but few dedicated motorbike parking spots, so bikers use ordinary car parks. Of course, the weather demands a little preparation. You’ll feel more comfortable in mesh jackets and gloves and will need a cool helmet. If you’re preparing for your tour from within Dubai, you’ll find supplies at Ras Al Khor. On Fridays, the UAE roads are empty, making them the ideal days for riding. If you’re planning a desert route, consider a dirt bike but if you’ve never biked in these conditions, take it slow and travel in groups. There are eateries in the desert, so you won’t go hungry.

Dubai bike tours are meditative and rich in culture, with enough variation of routes to suit every rider. They allow you to get away from the clichéd tourist spots and venture into the heart of the region.

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