8 Hidden Places In Dubai That You MUST Explore

Within miles of sand and deserts, the famous tall towers touching the sky, man-made marvels and the palm fringed beaches Dubai city has many unexplored places. Dubai attractions have much more variety and multiplicity packed in, this is one of the reasons we forget to explore the Dubai hidden attractions.

With our list of 8 hidden places to visit in Dubai you can explore this beautiful desert city beyond the famous tourist stops. So that you don’t limit yourself to the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the Dancing Fountains.

1. The Majlis Café, Jumeirah Mosque

For your next visit in Dubai you must give a try to the camel milk and for that head straight to The Majlis Cafe located near the Jumeirah Mosque. There you can also enjoy the delicious pistachio ice-cream made with camel milk. You can also enjoy camel milkshake, coffee and creams. A relaxing walk at the famous Jumeirah beach can lead you to this amazing place. It is among the amazing hidden gems in Dubai.

2. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is the ideal spot for you if you are travelling with your kids; it is an amazing attraction but most people don’t know about it. The white sand beach is the perfect spot for kids to enjoy. You can also dive into pool here. And you can also take pleasure of amazing picnic spots here with barbeques, restaurants, rental bicycles, snack bars as well as skating field.

3. Al Serkal Avenue

The old industrial warehouse site in Al Quoz now houses Dubai’s coolest art and culture scene. It is known as the Serkal Avenue. The art galleries are worth visiting by the art lovers as well as someone who is not much into art; there are also coffee shops to grab a bite and watch the world go around and much more. You can also participate in the art classes, workshops and exhibitions.

4. The Coffee Museum

While visiting Dubai, unlike going on and exploring malls that you can also probably do in your country you should now go to visit a unique place such as The Coffee Museum; good news for all the coffee lovers that a Coffee Museum does exist. This Museum of unique nature in the Al Fahidi Historical district; it lets you pick up antiques, barista equipment, books on coffee history and also provides recipes for roasting coffee beans. This advanced café cum shop cum culture experience of coffee will definitely leave you astonished.

5. XVA Art Hotel

Despite of the fact that there are wide number of hotels in Dubai one can definitely argue that XVA Art Hotel (despite its size) is a special hotel. It houses only 14 rooms that are very thoughtfully and specifically designed. The former residence even houses an outstanding XVA Café that only serves Middle Eastern Vegetarian. But the exciting part of this hotel for the art lovers is its gallery and the design shop. And at the starry rooftop you can discover.

6. Best location to see Dubai Skyline

You might come to know about many restaurants or rooftop bars that would claim to give you the best skyline view of Dubai. But an unexplored place at the famous island The Palm near the popular “Hotel with a Hole” Atlantis on the Nasimi Beach; you can spend the entire day there relaxing, enjoying your coconut drinks while admiring the vibrant view of Dubai Skyline.

7. Al Qudra Lakes

Beyond the Arabian farms are series of beautiful man-made lakes that are home to around 130 species including swans, ducks and huge gaggle of geese. You can spot these lakes between Seih Al Salam Desert and Bab Al Shams; they were created by the civic body that was a part of an eco-project and are the perfect picnic spots. If you are going for desert adventures Dubai you can pitch here a tent for sleep over; for instance if you have found this place during the dirt bike tours in Dubai. The best time to visit this place is before sunset, when the sun is going down and birds are going back to their homes.

8. The Farm, Al Barari

It is an oasis in the desert, and is still unknown to many of the tourists. This place will give you a feel of your home to have a bite with your partner and even the family. The location opposite the Villa is extremely beautiful and features approximately sixteen kilometers of landscape lakes, cascades, streams and houses more than thirty four themed gardens and four million plants. After knowing that such beautiful place does exist in the city of desert one cannot leave without exploring this Dubai hidden attraction.

You must spare sometime for these places to see in Dubai and we promise that you will not be disappointed at all.

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