6 Animals You Will Spot on Your Tour to Dubai Desert

Dubai is an ideal location for spending a fabulous vacation. This wonderful land is connected to both, the desert and the sea. The desert of Dubai is highly popular all around the globe. Every year, people plan their tours to Dubai to enjoy various activities offered in the widespread desert of Dubai. Several interesting factors about the desert of Dubai influence desert lovers. There are various desert adventures in Dubai to entertain families on their vacation tours. Visitors can enjoy jeep as well as dirt bike riding facilities to make wonderful memories in the breathtaking desert land.

Desert lovers seem to have a lot of passion for plants and animals living in the desert. Dubai is an excellent vacation spot in this regard. Families and groups can spot various rare species of animals while they ride through the desert. It is quite an exciting fact because animals spotted in the wide desert include several endangered species as well. So, if you are wondering to know about these animals, here are 6 of them to add a lot more to your excitement.

Arabian Oryx

Arabian Oryx is a desert antelope that can be seen wandering in the desert range of Dubai. This beautiful yet unique animal was extinct at one time but tourists can find themselves lucky to see these beautiful long-horned antelope while riding through the desert. It is also the most highly specialized antelope for the harsh desert environment. The Arabian Oryx has horns as long as 68 centimeters. You will surely want to take some good pictures of this beauty.

Arabian Spiny Mouse

Mice surely scare us all away when we find them in our houses. But, the Arabian Spiny mouse is an amazing species found in the desert of Dubai. This little mouse has spiny fur on its back which helps it to protect itself against predators. You do not need to worry about this one rushing anywhere closer to yourself though. Take your family to the desert and show them how this tiny animal is different from those they already know.

Cape Hare

The Cape hare is an abundantly found species of hares in the desert. It has long and slender limbs with large hind feet and a short tail. The Cape hare has a soft and straight fur which makes it simply beautiful. While you visit the desert of Dubai, you will probably have enough chances to see the Cape hare. Make sure you take as many pictures of it as you can before it moves away from your sight.


Caracal is a unique cat that lives in the extensive desert land of Dubai. It is a slender yet graceful animal with long tufted ears. The color of its body is reddish-brown. However, some of the Caracals can also be seen in greyish-colored bodies. If your kids love cats, then this species will surprise them with its beauty. Keep your eyes open and look around to see if you can find the Caracals during your visit to the desert.


Camel is the most commonly known animal associated with deserts. Dubai is the home of countless camels which can be easily traced in the desert. Camels are widely used as a means of traveling through the desert. The tall animal strolling through the desert makes it an exceptional adventure for you and your loved ones. So, enjoy a calm yet adventurous camel ride in the wide desert of Dubai.

Desert Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are known by many of us but we have always seen them in the pictures. The desert tour of Dubai can give you a chance to find a wonderful kind of hedgehog called the desert hedgehog. It has a dense spiny coat with the ability to curl into a ball-shaped defensive animal at the time of threat. It will be more than just an ordinary tour if you get a chance to see and take pictures of the desert hedgehog.

So enjoy your trip with your friends or family and don’t forget to experience desert adventures in Dubai.

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