12 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About UAE

Who doesn’t dream of spending vacations in Dubai? UAE has multiple amazing facts which people probably don’t know. It holds several world records too. Dubai is considered as a well-known holiday destination. Many people visit UAE to see its luxuries. Dubai is the mainstream among the seven emirates.

Dubai has changed itself over the past few decades and has now developed into a unique destination with a very fast economy. It has gleaming attractions that is why tourists love it. Desert adventures tours in Dubai are so famous among people. Business people and holiday makers arrive from different parts of the world in order to explore city’s fascinating side. UAE offers many contrasts and colours. Throughout UAE, there are marvellous surprises with appealing packaging; that is why people are very curious to know more facts about this it.

Let us walk you through 12 amazing facts about UAE:

1- How many ?

UAE is very popular with regard to skyscrapers. Back in 1991 Dubai trade centre was the only skyscraper in the city. And now there are numerous skyscrapers which create curiosity in people. Amazing fact that you didn’t know is that numbers of skyscrapers in Dubai has exceeded 400.

2- Burj Khalifa:


Burj Khalifa is so popular among these tallest skyscrapers. Amazing fact is that it is three times as tall as the Eiffel tower. Burj Khalifa has the highest outdoor observation deck in the world.

3- Biggest aquarium:

Aquarium 1

Dubai is the one of the few cities which consists of marvellous buildings structures and most of them are man made. The city has world’s tallest manmade structure, seen star hotel, biggest aquarium.

4- Increasing population:

Population of Dubai is increasing at an ever-fastest rate. As of 2018, population of Dubai has exceeded 3.01 million. People from all over the world are flooding in Dubai in particular and UAE in general in search for opportunities. Out of these 3.01 million, only 15-17% are the local Arabs.

5- Camel racing in Deserts:

Camel racing is considered as a traditional sport in UAE. This is the one of the major activity which is liked by many people. It has survived over centuries; however today robot jockeys are used in these races instead of real riders.

6- Extending the shore:

Is it even possible to increase the coastline of a city? Construction of Palm Jumeirah has increased the waterfront coastline of Dubai by a whopping 166%. This man made structure is a miracle on its own.

7- Entertaining desert:

Popular belief is that deserts are boring places with nothing to do. Desert adventure in Dubai offers camel rides, sand boarding, desert bikes and much more right in the heart of desert. Set up your own tent and experience desert like never before.

8- Largest Ski resort:

Ever wondered of enjoying ski in desert? UAE has made it possible too: The world’s largest artificial ski resort is in Dubai. It is the finest place in Dubai if you want to run away from heat. Enjoy skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding at -2 degrees inside. Ski Dubai spans 22,500 square meters.

9- Desert trails:

Deserts in UAE are easy to access. Without taking a drive down of Arabian sand, you desert adventures in Dubai will never be complete. Visitors come here to explore Dubai desert with a desert safari; it is the best way out to enjoy a holiday in desert city.

10- Zero crime rate:

Considering the huge population and high influx of tourists, everyone expects that there will be a lot of crimes and chaos in UAE. On the contrary, fact to be noted is that UAE boosts of a near-zero crime rate.

11- World’s tallest hotel:

Do you know where the world’s tallest hotel is? It is nowhere other than UAE. Gevora Hotel has 75 storeys and it features a gold lattice spire. Interesting thing to note: it is merely 1 meter higher than former tallest hotel (JW Marriot Marquis).

12- Fly in a taxi:

Who likes being stuck in traffic for hours? UAE will be the pioneering of testing and deploying taxi drones. German company Volocopter is hoping to put flying cabs on the roads of UAE in near future.

Explore UAE:

Weather conditions are far from perfect in UAE, but the world class facilities can help you beat such troubles. Explore vacation packages from Just Gas It and enjoy the desert adventure in UAE.

With so many wonders and amazing facts, it is clear that Dubai is one of the finest places to visit. Number of visitors, number of days and season of the year; such things do not matter because the adventure activities are available all 365 days of the year. Experience UAE at its fullest with Just Gas It and try all these adventurous things in order to have a fuller experience of this country.

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