10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Dubai In A Day!

Everyone knows that Dubai is a glittering and glamorous city that has become the most popular tourist destination all over the world. This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and has everything to offer ranging from five star hotels (even a 7-star one) to exciting attractions and the most amazing shopping experiences.

The city is known for its best modern architectural designs, luxury shopping, and lavish hotels. Dubai is the perfect spot to explore with all the amazing destinations the city has to offer, but if you are here for a short period and visiting Dubai for a single day then you might want to get the best out of it in one day. Suppose you are on a business trip and after your tiring meetings, you are left with only one day to make memories before you head back home. Following are the ten ways to get the best out of Dubai in one day:

1. Indulge in the world-class breakfast at Burj Khalifa

You can start your day with a 5-star dining experience at Burj Khalifa in order to get the best out of Dubai in a day. You can start a day of desert adventures in Dubai with the sky-high breakfast at the Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa. Get ready for a day full of fun with the prestigious view of Dubai while having a nice and delicious breakfast.


2. Go for luxury shopping

How can it be possible that you come to Dubai even for one day and miss the world class shopping experience here? People come from all over the world for this lavish shopping experience. There are almost more than hundred shopping malls in Dubai; there you can also enjoy various other fun activities in these malls.


3. Visit Dubai Grand Mosque and Creek

Dubai Creek is a mind-blowing little spot in the city that is just the perfect place to capture pictures and enjoy Jet Ski in Dubai. Just in front of the creek, you can also enjoy the shopping experience at Dubai souks.

One cannot miss visiting the Dubai Grand Mosque even on a short trip; this place is admired by everyone and is widely known for its beauty and fine infrastructure. While visiting the Grand Mosque you can also give a short tour to the Dubai Museum if you are a big history lover.


4. Visit Miracle Garden

Being a desert and hot weather city it’s the most difficult thing to grow plants on this soil. This is the reason Dubai Miracle Garden is an extremely impressive place. The garden is filled with a hundred million colorful blooming flowers designed into different sculptures is a miracle; so do not miss these out while having desert adventures in Dubai.

5. Visit Desert Safari for a Thrilling experience

On your short trip to Dubai, you can’t miss out on the desert adventures in Dubai. For desert adventure in Dubai, you can avail of the exciting service packages of Just Gas It. You can get the experience of the best Dirt Bike adventures in Dubai at Desert Safari. The services and thrill of adventure would not let you go away without trying this out. You can take some memorable pictures here and remember your Dubai Sand Dirt Bike experience forever.

6. A stopover at Jumeirah Beach is a must

Everyone visiting Dubai knows about Jumeirah Beach; this beach is one of the most attractive spots in this city. Visit Jumeirah for Jet Ski in Dubai, Jet Ski as well you can avail the services of Just Gas It. Enjoy the Jet Ski tour in Dubai that you can’t enjoy anywhere else. Speed across the water to experience the thrill and adventure of your Jet Ski tour at the Gulf Coast. Here you can also enjoy other water sports activities with Just Gas It.

7. Enjoy the motorbike ride tour

To get the best out of your trip you can rent a Motorbike tour with Just Gas It which offers the best Motorbike rent Dubai tours for the visitors. You can explore the beauty of Dubai deserts with on and off-road bike tours that keep you safe while having an adventure.

8. Get yourself a treat of Dirt bike ride tours

Desert riding is supposed to be something extremely thrilling and fun, and this is what Just Gas It specializes in. Dirt bike rental in Dubai is probably the most exciting way to enjoy your time in the desert. You can avail the wide variety of packages offered here to enjoy dirt bikes in Dubai.

9. Visit Dubai Fountains

At the end of your day, you can take the pleasure of enjoying the world’s biggest choreographed fountain system in Dubai to get a soothing feel. There is a show that goes on daily between 6 pm to 11 pm every 30 minutes at different songs each time. The fountains are right outside the Dubai Mall featured at the Burj Lake.

10. End your day by relaxing at a rooftop bar

You can put an end to your memorable day journey in Dubai by visiting a rooftop bar. Here you can relax and order a nice meal with drinking cocktails or chillers as you want and enjoy a sunset over the city and sea. Say goodbye to the entire city while enjoying the incredible view of the Dubai skyline.

If you need hotel pickup or drop-off service for going to any of the above-mentioned places, just reach out to Just Gas It and we will be happy to serve you. Dubai is famous for its best and biggest attractions. There are so many places to visit and things to do in Dubai, and if you are around for a single day then you should get the best out of it by planning; find what attracts you the most and plan a Dubai tour with a reputed company for flawless experience.

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