Riding a quad bike across the dunes of Dubai has become a favorite for tourists and locals. However, a fun day can turn into a miserable one quite quickly if you head out unprepared. Thus, ensure you are ready by arming yourself with the right knowledge, equipment, and expectations. To enjoy yourself to the fullest, check for the following:


The sun can be quite intense when you are out on the Dubai sands; ensure you are equipped to deal with it. That means dressing appropriately for the weather. That means, ideally, that you wear UV-resistant clothes, have eye protection either separate from your helmet or as a built-in guard, and sunscreen anywhere you can’t otherwise cover.

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An awesome day on the dunes should not be cut short because you are half-blind or ruined by an evening of pain and sun-sickness.

Gear check

If you want to enjoy your time out on the Dubai dunes on your quad, educate yourself on the unique problems your gear might face in a sandy and hot environment. With quad bike rental in Dubai, upkeep may not be your responsibility at the beginning of the day or the end. Nevertheless, it could be great spotting a problem before it ruins your fun.

Common issues include excessive sand, clogged up filters and overheating. You may also want to check fuel levels more often as the running conditions in Dubai often use up fuel at a faster rate than you are used to elsewhere.


Hydration is always important when you are out in the sun in a hot environment, but there are factors that make it even more important on the back of a quad bike. The bike is hot itself, and that combined with the hot sun will get you dehydrated quickly.

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Once you get moving you will feel the cool breeze of the wind, which will dry off the sweat on your body. Thus, you may not feel so hot. However, you must pack more than enough to drink, and head back if you start to run short.

Riding On Sand

If you have never ridden on the sand before, it is a good idea to read up on the differences in how a quad bike handles in that environment. Make sure you are not taken by surprise as you might be comfortable with quad bikes in other environments. You may be using unfamiliar tires and driving under unfamiliar rules.


While your risk of running into a dangerous part of the environment may be reduced when riding the dunes of Dubai, there is another risk that is often overlooked: running into other riders or bystanders. The risk goes up in any busy area where the dunes may trick your ears and hide a nearby companion from your eyes until you have collided.

To improve visibility over hills, ensure you get a flag for your bike. Eye protection is also recommended so that a surprise face full of sunlight does not blind you.


Always know your location when riding a quad in the dunes. It is easy for someone familiar with the area to get lost if they go too far out, much less a visitor.

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Furthermore, even if you are not lost you will not have fun getting back across the dunes if you misjudge your distance and end up lugging around a quad bike with no fuel in the tank.

Riding partner

Riding alone is never a good idea, especially when you are in an unfamiliar area. It may be a lot of fun to take off alone across the dunes at max speed without worrying about other riders or people on foot keeping up, but it puts you in a bad position if something goes wrong—and increases the odds of that happening, to boot.

A riding partner or a spotter on foot can help you avoid collisions, riding into bad environments, keep up with water and fuel, and get your bike loose if you get bogged down in sand or if you are stuck halfway up a dune.