Gone are the days when deserts used to bring thought of sand only. These days’ deserts have broad imaginations that begin from quad bikes, dune buggies to camel treks and exotic sun views and so much more for you to explore and praise. Trust me, this is the right time to enjoy the playground of nature all over once again. There can be nothing better than heading out to the desert for some adrenaline fueled filled fun.

Talking particularly about the desert adventures in Dubai, underlined are some of the top rated desert adventures in Dubai.

Dune Buggying

Nothing can ever best the thrill of roaming around an empty desert with a dune buggy. Just get in to the four seater, put on the protection mask, throw the helmet and let yourself enjoy all around. In case you get a stuck, there is nothing to worry because it is the part of the fun at desert. Then again there are different packages with different costs and you can always rely on the one meeting all your needs and requirements.

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You might be thinking that you have seen it all but you will have a changed mind when you will get to race down the dunes on your sand board. Get hold of a sand board and you are all set to go on a sand board adventure.

sandboarding in dubai desert

Desert walk

If you have the right guide you will enjoy every bit of safe, brilliant and ultimate experience. You will enjoy every bit of it with the night vision goggles well paired with the black light to look for the nocturnal creatures while trek through the dunes. You can also have Arabian adventure tagging an overnight stay in the desert grounds.

Hot air balloon rides

With these hot air balloons you can enjoy having a view of desert from a basket at a height of 4,000 feet high. You will also enjoy the company of a couple of falcons and their handlers before your balloon is actually let lose.

hot air balloon

Dirt Biking

No doubt you can always enjoy thrill while motorcycling during the rush hour traffic in Dubai, I can bet that desert dunes will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Motor cross or dirt biking may appear to the ones holding the motorcycle. However there are services that amuse you with the beginners courses to just anyone who is willing to give it a try.

dirt bikes in dubai

Quad Biking

In case dune buggy appears to be too intimidating then getting a group together and head towards a quad bike safari is your next thing to do in Dubai. Before setting off the trip, you along with your group members will be given a briefing about getting started and then you and your team will have to take care of the things on your own for 50 minutes. There are different options available in this regards. You may have a look at all of them and then select the one meeting all your needs and requirements.

quad bike dubai

In short, it would be very true to say that Dubai deserts are full of adventure provided you have the experienced travel guide and transportation vehicle. You can always take facilitation of bike rentals to rent you the bikes in this regards. Though there are several companies offering motorbike rental in Dubai, however, you need to ensure that you are working with the reliable name. It is so that you will have peace of mind that you have a bike in a perfect condition. It is because an updated vehicle will end you up in the ever lasting memories that you will create during your desert exploration in Dubai.