Dubai is a desert city, but it is known across the globe as it offers ultimate thrill and fun experience. Dune bashing, quad biking, sand boarding and dune buggy riding are some of renowned adventures activities in Dubai desert.

Ever heard of this saying: “You can shake the sand with your shoes but not your soul”? Injuries can be forgiven but not forgotten. It is up to you whether you will give up adventure for the fear of injuries or defy all fears for experiencing thrill. Rightly said, prevention is better than cure. So, while adventuring in Dubai desert, these are 5 expected injuries that you should take care to avoid:

1. Head injury

Head injury tops the list as it may cause you to lose consciousness right away. It can caused due to several causes like not wearing proper safety helmet, lack of skills for riding in desert sand, inadequate training of driving buggy or quad bikes.

2. Neck injury

Muscles of neck may be pulled due to excessive strain. Again, a padded helmet is a must to avoid such body damage. One simple way is to basic muscles exercises daily during your tour in order to avoid stiffness of neck muscles.

3. Back injury

Back injury can be caused by poor posture, not having proper seat, lack of training of riding either dirt bikes in Dubai on an Enduro tour in Dubai. It is also critical to give yourself enough rest on the tour.

4. Cramping

Cramping is due to over-riding or pushing your body beyond limits during adventures. Another factor that contributes to cramping is dehydration. Plenty of water must be used during desert tours. This can even lead to complications in later life.

5. Knee injury

Another common complaint during Dubai desert adventures is knee injury. Desert adventures demand proper preparation including appropriate shoes. Lack of training can also be a potential cause of such injury.

Tips to stay safe and injury-free:

We didn’t mean to dishearten you from having thrill in dubai deserts. Here are some simple (common sense) tips; if you follow them you can stay safe from above mentioned (and many more) injuries during your adventure:

1. Tour company

You must consult and hire a reputed tour operator for the desert adventure. This is necessary for those who are new to Dubai desert. Many companies offer different packages for desert tour providing first aid and other.

2. Proper packing

You should make a checklist of items that you will carry for the desert trip, so that you do not miss anything important. Do not forget to take along these:

  •      Loose and comfortable clothes;
  •      One sandal type open shoes and one high boots pair;
  •      Caps and sunglasses;
  •      Sun screen;
  •      Lightweight jackets (to avoid evening chill).

3. Weather

For proper planning of the tour, consider the weather beforehand. You obviously do not want to ruin your plans because of weather.

4. Food and water

You must have plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Don’t take heavy meal prior to dune bashing, dune buggy ride in Dubai or quad bike hire in Dubai. Also take some light snacks in case you want to nibble on something.

5. First aid kit

If you are traveling with a good tour company, they will provide you with all required safety equipment but still it is a good idea to carry your own first aid kit in case things do not go as planned. You must also carry cash or credit card along with you for the sake of emergencies.

You must take care of yourself while riding in the desert to avoid injuries. Safety comes before everything else. Enjoy the peak of your experience but along the way, do not take needless risks. Stay safe and have fun!