In order to explore the deserts of Dubai, dune buggy is the best ride. Buggy tour is the most adventurous tour. Those people who are fun loving and want to explore the deserts of Dubai and the waves of sand, love to ride on dune buggies. Dune buggies are especially made for sand dunes because they are most appropriate vehicle to ride. This four wheels vehicle made the ride so much easy like never before. Just gas it provides its customers full facilitation in this way.

Other services of just gas it includes quad bikes, motor bikes and even jet skis. The core aim of providing these services is to facilitate the customer at the maximum level. Our guarantee is assured. We try our level best to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. Do not waste a moment for dune buggy hire in Dubai in order to make your tour memorable.

Safer than other rides:

Undoubtedly dune buggies are the safest rides. They are equipped with food and drinks. They also consist of map and guides to give you directions. There is less or no chance of accident while ridding dune buggies as they are highly secure. They enable you to explore the beauty of nature. The wild view is always eye catching and gives you an exciting feeling.

Adventurous ride:

If you are a kind of person who loves to do adventures then you must ride dune buggies. They are the great source of thrill and amusement. Just gas it is famous for its riding services. We offer you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of Desert safari or Arabian deserts. Certainly your trip is useless or incomplete without the ride of dune buggies. This ride is not only for adults but also for people who are below 18 years, although they will be escorted by an adult.

Our tours of dune buggies include:

In the tour of dune buggies, we offer the customers following things.

Safety features:

In your trip, your safety and security is assured. We provide you all the best features to make you safe. You will also be provided with a rider kit. The rider kit consists of all the mandatory things that a rider should keep with him.

Tour guide and instructions:

We believe that it is important to provide tour guide and instructions to our riders before the ride. The guide involves all the rules and regulations. Along with rules all directions and map is also mentioned to guide you the right ways.

Goggles and helmet:

Other things include goggles and helmet. Goggles let you focus in extreme sun rays because it is difficult to open eyes and concentrate in such intense sunlight.


There are some things that should be considered before dune buggy hire in Dubai:

  1. The minimum age for the passenger is twelve years.
  2. There will be no refunds on trips.
  3. You have to take care of your personal belongings by yourself; we will not be responsible for that.
  4. Shoes that are closed toed are preferred during the ride.