Just like everything that Dubai city has to offer, the nightlife of Dubai is known for the best of its services and is far away from something ordinary. After spending a tiring day indulging in adventure activities in Dubai availing Just Gas It services, riders must take some time off and enjoy the night life of Dubai in the dance clubs. Riders put on their glamorous outfits and enjoy the night life in the dance clubs after a hard day with desert sports in Dubai. The entertainment options in the city are limitless but the following is the list of hottest clubs that are rider’s top choice in Dubai:

White Dubai

In Dubai city, White Dubai is supremely exclusive and biggest nightclub of all time. The club is situated at the rooftop of the famous Medyan Racecourse Grand Stand. The location is a little bit tucked away from the city as the rooftop depicts an outstanding view of the Dubai’s Skyline. The club opens only at the start of winter season starting on the 15th of September. The crowd at the club is the mixture of tourists as well as residents. The unusual theme of this club attracts lots of fashion lovers here. The staff of the club makes sure that only the best dressed can enter into the club. You need to reach there in time because, regardless of its size, the place fills up immediately. Here you can expect a wonderful night throughout the entire week with live performances, urban beats and DJ sets.Nightclub-White Dubai

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Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir is popularly known for its Hip Hop Chic night on every Monday in Dubai. The club also won an award for this night; this is unlike a regular hip hop night and the club also isn’t an ordinary one. The club is located at the famous Sheikh Zayed Road; the amazing circus theme of the club is something that should witnessed personally. The club is the combination of both freak and glamour. This place booms with its customers all the week and also offers customized themes according to customers’ taste. The talented performers make the best out of every single night.Club-Cirque Le Soir in dubai

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Armani Prive

Armani Prive is located in the notorious Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa. The club offers classical night life at some extraordinary level. The best dressers of Dubai come here to play, and for sure they knew the best way to party. Ranging from private live presentations to the nightly DJ sets by the local and international DJs’ in the club, this is the place where you will sense glamour the moment you walk inside. After all, you are partying in the tallest building of the world.Armani Prive in dubai

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The Act

This is one of the few nightclubs where you can enjoy a classical dinner and a lively show. The unbelievable setting of the energetic performances, Friday brunches and themed music night is the ultimate party scene. The club is located at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Sheikh Zayed Road; the most loved place by the old-school clubbers and the locals.The Act club in Dubai

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Billionaire Mansion

The name Billionaire Mansion says all about the specialties of this club. This is the best shot for you to party like a billionaire in Dubai city. This club provides a combination of amazing dining, drinking and partying atmosphere. Beginning with the list, the urban night each Sunday here sets the mood for the coming day and the rest of the week. The music, the ambiance and the people in the club makes you want to fit in with class and style.Billionaire Mansion club in dubai

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Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club offers classical life in Dubai. It has always been known for the best party destination for several years before the trend of clubbing in Dubai. The fashionable settings and the low hanging chandeliers will explain themselves why this is the most exclusive and successful club in Dubai. The live shows as well as the DJ sets are the regular sight; you can enjoy the true clubbing experience and a nice meal as well.Cavalli Club in Dubai

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People by Crystal

The club is located at the Landmark Raffles Hotel; this place is all-time favorite. It’s popularly known among the tourists and inhabitants. Getting inside the club might be a little bit of hassle at some times, but once you reach there you are going to realize what the hype was all about. Opened from Tuesday till Saturday, the club offers something to satisfy everyone’s taste.People by Crystal club in Dubai

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The above mentioned clubs of Dubai are popularly known among international tourists and locals for having a great time in Dubai. The night life of Dubai is something that the riders don’t want to miss after desert sports adventure in the day time. So, while you had a thrilling day at the desert, enjoy the ultimate party experience at night!