Valentine’s Day always brings excitement and lots of love for couples. The day is meant to celebrate love and togetherness. It is always expressed with sweet indulgences, some unusual and special gifts, expensive dinners and surprises. Every year you want to do something special and different for your partner from the previous year and make it memorable forever.

As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you need to plan something special. If you want to do something other than roses, chocolates and teddy bears this year then go for something special with unique and exceptional alternatives. The classics do get boring often, this year you can spend your valentine’s day in Dubai.

We spend most of the time in shopping and buying stuff; this is usually what we do always, and at most of the occasions in our life; but Valentine Day demands something special to be done. To break the stereotypical traditions we have gathered 8 extravagant ideas for Valentine day gift that includes your little creativity, one-on-one time and some money that is worth spending for your loved one:

1. Celebrate Near Water

If you want to make a special impact on your partner this idea will show how much you really care for each other. Making Valentine’s Day special with this adventure will pay off. You can experience the water paradise of UAE for adventurous activities like water skiing, parasailing and scuba diving. With a range of these mesmerizing options to be enjoyed at Valentine’s Day you can avail the services of Just Gas It Dubai deals to provide you the perfect customized packages for your needs. With the intent to add some extra thrill and excitement to the valentine day this year, you can also go for Jet Ski tour Dubai and can take your partner for Jet Ski Jumeirah beach and can also enjoy a romantic walk with the amazing sea view and love in the air.Jet Ski Jumeirah

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On this special occasion you can get the personalized tropical oasis at the edge of Arabian Gulf especially for couples, and after having a great time here, your spouse will remember this special treat till the end of times! You can also come here later again to rejoice these old memories at some special occasion like anniversary.

2. Recreate your first date

When you are in Dubai, you can recreate your first date with all new experience in the city; you can recreate your memories from the first date with some special arrangements. Whether your first date was on a beach, a small restaurant or fancy place for candle light dinner. You can get all nostalgic and mushy about the old memories together. It is a fun and exciting way to rejoice your relationship and fall in love all over again. Even if your first date was on a beach you can recreate it at the Jumeirah Beach Dubai.Recreate your first date in Dubai

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3. Plan favorite activities together

Valentine day is all about telling your partner that you value them as a person; so the best way to show your care and love is to plan something that your partner loves to do. It would be best if you can enjoy that activity as a couple and make lasting memories; it can be rock climbing, dancing, eating or whatever it is, you can do it together. You can also enjoy the Dune Buggy deals especially for the Valentine’s Day and can get Dune Buggy Hire Dubai. If your partner hasn’t tried something that you have tried you can get to do it for the first time together this day. Such as quad biking offers, sand dune bashing or buggy rental and much more.Dune Buggy Hire Dubai

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4. Do something this valentine that you haven’t done before

Another amazing idea to enjoy this Valentine’s Day is to try out something that you and your partner both haven’t done before; enjoy something new and make the first memories of it together. This is an amazing way to get something new introduced to you. Take risk to get into something that you might eventually end up loving and get a chance to learn something new about yourself. And Just Gas It Dubai deals are the option for challenging yourself with something new.Just Gas It Dubai deals

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5. Use your talent to make this day special

You can use your talent to do something different for each other for the very first time. If you are a musician, you can compose a song for your partner and express your love; if you are a chef, you can cook a special dinner with all of your partner’s favorite dishes; you can fill your bedroom with red heart shaped helium balloons with small special notes and your pictures together attached with strings from the roof. Or you can do something that you two love to do together and go to a place that you both find attractive, special or meaningful. Utilizing your talent will definitely make your partner appreciate your efforts.Valentine’s Day celebration in Dubai

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6. Take your partner for shopping

This year instead of going for shopping all alone before Valentine’s Day you can save the shopping hassle and take your partner for shopping with you. Instead of buying something that your partner might not like and ends up changing, you can get to save your time and take your partner for shopping. However save yourself the embarrassment and take sufficient money with you. This idea is very useful especially for men who lack shopping skills for ladies as per their choices and this way they also get a chance to impress their sweet heart with all the time they are giving with shopping and the liberty to shop according to their choice. Also, if you are new in relationship it becomes tricky to buy something according to the taste of next person.shoping in Dubai

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7. Make a scrapbook

For this idea you might need to start working a little ahead of time. There might be infinite reasons for which you love your partner but this 14th of February you can write down the top 14 reasons for which you love your partner the most. You can also make a scrap book by compiling favorite photographs, your inside jokes, receipts or tickets from places you have traveled together and put more stuff like that and decorating it beautifully. You can pour your heart onto it and speak fully as sometimes words are the best gift that someone can ever get. Showing how much you care for your partner can add something extra to this Valentine’s Day. You can share it over a candlelit dinner and cheer the beautiful memories again.scrapbook

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8. Treat to a fun filled day

If you are bored with the traditional ways to express your love and want to do something special while celebrating your Valentine’s Day in Dubai you can always rely on Just Gas It rental services that is popular to provide the best possible services for any occasions like this special day. Anything that matters for customers, matters for Just Gas It too. So if you want a fun filled day you just name what you want and you will get it here. For couples you can get best Jet Ski Rental Dubai here, not only this you can also avail Dune Buggy hire Dubai and other deals for couples. For such great services you can also try MX Dubai to make your day special and exciting.Dune Buggy hire Dubai

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Have fun this Valentine Day, do whatever best fits your relationship and mood; do everything you can to show each other how important they are to you.