Are you visiting Dubai for the very first time? Well there are many things you should know before finally booking your ticket to Dubai. Dubai is considered among one of those magical cities that you usually hear so much about, and still don’t know what to expect before finally traveling there. This happens with pretty much everyone; hardly anyone goes to Dubai for the first time with correct information. There are a variety of things to do from shopping to off road motorcycle rental tours. Let us discuss some of the things which should be kept in mind before visiting Dubai:

1. Affordable means of transportation:

Dubai Metro is a good option for transportation. It is very affordable, clean, safe and comfortable. It covers a huge area; however there is only one line. Staff members at the metro speak good English. The staff will guide you about how to put money on your e-card and make use of it.

If we talk about taxis in Dubai, they are economical and abundant as compared to taxis in other cities. Cars are new clean and safe; and drivers charge structured and economical rates. However one important thing to bear in mind is that you should only travel on taxis with meters.

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2. Affordable accommodation:

Dubai is known as a luxurious city. It offers a wide variety of hotels for accommodation; hence serving all type of customers. So if you are looking for some affordable accommodation you can check it on various sites, there will be many affordable packages offered by various hotels.

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3. Eatery options:

Dubai is a great place for all foodies. Due to presence of different cultures here, you will find special dishes coming from different cultures. Dubai is a business hub as well and hence is not the easy place to be spontaneous. Important thing to keep in mind is that if you are planning out for dinner, you should pick a restaurant and make a reservation in advance.

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4. Night Life in Dubai:

Dubai has an awesome set of stylish clubs and bars; it is difficult to visit them all in one tour. Similarly, the clubs are all located within the hotels. It is very fascinating view there.

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5. Activities on beach:

You would love the time spent on beaches in Dubai. Beaches are very crowded especially on weekends. You can enjoy the attractive site of beaches and water sports in Dubai. The tip is to better plan a visit to a beach on a week day.

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6. Activities on Desert:

You can enjoy a number of rides in the deserts of Dubai. Off road motorcycle rental tours are especially very famous there. In addition to this you can enjoy dune buggy and quad bike rides as well.

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7. Places to visit:

There are not few places that are worth visiting; there are countless attractions in Dubai. However, the most famous ones among the tourists are Dubai Frame, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the Marina. The important thing is to plan in advance the places you want to visit, and keep a few spare options at hand in case things don’t go as planned.

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8. About Alcohol:

No doubt, there are a number of independent restaurants in Dubai, but they are not allowed and have license to serve alcohol. If you are planning to have few drinks, be sure you are going to bars and restaurants that are within a hotel complex.

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So, keep these things in mind and have a lovely vacation.