Ladies or gents, young or old, trendy or boring – everyone waits for Christmas and New Year. These are the most cherished vacations of the year. The weather is awesome, every brand outlet has stuff on sale, everyone is travelling, there are decorations everywhere, festivities and parties are organized and everyone is happy.

Christmas and New Year do not have to contradict with your religious beliefs. It is just a reason to see everyone happy and stay happy. The fact that these two vacations are close together makes it a jumbo package for fun, traveling and making new memories. Since most people plan ahead of time for these year-end vacations, so they travel to places they have wanted to visit all year long.

Dubai best tourist destination

There is no denying the fact that Dubai is the best tourist destination. It is affordable; no matter what your budget, super low or super high, everyone can manage to spend a great time in Dubai within their budget estimates. There are loads of activities so you can pick according to your tastes. While roaming in the famous tourist attractions of Dubai, one can literally see tourists from all different countries of the world – Dubai truly deserves to be the top favored tourist destination of the world.

Activities for year end in Dubai

If you happen to be in Dubai for Christmas till New Year, or you are planning to go to Dubai for these vacations, there are heaps of activities that are waiting for you there. We are shortlisting some of the best things you can do in Dubai at Christmas and New Year to make them one of the most memorable vacations of your lifetime:


There is nothing that can beat the festivities of Dubai than the shopping experience. Tourists are amazed to find every brand from their local country in Dubai. Shopping in Dubai is fun because you can purchase branded items with sky-high prices or street stuff at super low cost. Even if you are not aiming to buy things, it will be fun roaming in malls of Dubai for window shopping.

Mall of Dubai

If you want to witness the true multi-cultural experience of Dubai, then the first place that you should visit is Mall of Dubai. It is a true epitome of the latest sensations of Dubai. It has world-class leisure activities and you will never stop being amazed while spending hours in this superb mall.

Dune ride in the desert

Roll back the time clock few decades ago, and the whole of UAE was just a desert with nomad Arabs living in scattered places. Depending on where you come from, Dubai might seem too hot than your expectations – but if you want the true Dubai experience then you should definitely visit the deserts of Dubai to know what it actually feels like. The best thing is that the deserts of Dubai are fun-packed with loads of activities that you can enjoy. Dune buggy ride will give you such immense pleasure that you will want more and more of it; so Book your Buggy Ride with Just Gas It.

Burj Khalifa

If you go back to your home town and tell people that you spent your vacations in Dubai, the first thing they are going to ask you is that have you been to Burj Khalifa. This is a good reason to visit it. It is a privilege to visit the tall tower and the view from the sides is spectacular. So, reach the top and look around to see the beauty Dubai has to offer for its visitors.

Jet Ski ride

Jumeirah beach is too crowded, we admit. Once again, you will find people from all different nations who are there. Not all beaches of the world are alike; however, if you want to have extreme pleasure at Jumeirah beach then you should hire Jet Ski ride in Dubai. It is such a gratifying adventure that you will forget all other beaches of the world. Do not waste your time any further, hire a Jet Ski ride right away.

Quad bike ride

Admittedly, most people have never tried riding a quad bike. They think it is going to be more or less similar to riding a standard heavy bike – this is where you are going. If you are visiting Dubai at Christmas leading to New Year then make sure to hire a quad bike ride in Dubai as it is going to be yet another unforgettable experience. You can rent a quad bike ride for a few hours, but you will enjoy it to the extent that you will want to spare a full day for it.

Adventure parks

Depending on your age group and your interests, you can visit a number of adventure parks, museums, aquariums, zoos, theme parks and similar locations to have an amazing time between Christmas and New Year.

Off-Road Motorcycle Rental

You can roam in the different malls of Dubai for lovely food, amazing shopping, fun activities, cool selfies, discounted offers, pricey brands and what not. If you want to do something between 25th December and 31st January that is different from these malls, then off-road motorcycle rental is your answer. You can book a dirt biking tour from Just Gas It that will make your day strikingly awesome.

Desert Sports Adventure

There is practically no limit to the adventure happenings that are always going on in the deserts of Dubai. Think of any desert sports and you will definitely find it in Dubai. You can look online for the tours and packages for different desert sports from Just Gas It.

Make sure to plan your vacation in advance so that you can make the best out of the time you spend in Dubai. Do not let the weather or the tsunami of tourists stop you from visiting the top destinations in Dubai. You are there to have fun and that is what you should do.

Do not forget to pack your camera as you will love to capture all the scenic locations and the adventure activities that you have in Dubai. Enjoy your tour to Dubai with these fun-packed activities and you can thank us later for the wonderful memories that you make.