Truly, there is no vehicle more awesome than the dune buggies. You can enjoy your trip on its highest level just by riding onto dune buggies. Such vehicles are made for the people who are adventurous in the true sense and want to make their trip a memorable one. Just Gas It provides its valuable customers a number of packages in order to get facilitate from this amazing ride. We provide all the essentials along with the ride which we consider mandatory for a customer. Moreover, it is a great source of fun with your friends; dune buggies allow you to get wild with your peers.

Just Gas It not only provides its customers the opportunity to ride on this amazing vehicle but also offers you other wonderful facilities and rides too. Yes, we also offer Jet Ski services for all the adventure lover folks and quad bikes too. Quad bikes are also the source of amazement because they allow you to not only feel the beauty of the nature but also experience it. Along with quad bikes we also offer motor bikes because there are some places where cars or buggies are not able to reach so for this purpose bikes are best. Hire your Dubai sand dune buggy and enjoy your tour at its maximum level.

Enjoy the trip at affordable prices:

The enjoyment gets double when you have your friends with you. Dune buggies consist of four wheeler vehicle with two seats. That is the reason that your friends will accompany you and make your trip like never before. Our prices vary from starter to deep desert tour because the time duration of starter is one hour whereas the time duration for the deep desert tour is two hours. Dubai sand dune buggy is the most appropriate source of enjoying the fun on deserts.

Things that we include in your tour:

No doubt dune buggy allows you feel the beauty of nature and are the best way to explore the Arabian deserts. We include the following thing in the tour to facilitate our customers:

  1. We consider all the safety measures mandatory, we do not take risks we assure the safety and protection of our customers.
  2. You will be provided with the complete rider kit. Once you are ready for your tour you will be given with all the essential tools.
  3. A tour guide will also be given to you, so that you will have the right directions and can easily move into the deserts. Moreover, an instructor is also assigned to you so that he can guide you where needed.
  4. Helmet and goggles are necessary. As mentioned above all the safety measure are to be taken to avoid any kind of unpleasant incident.
  5. Pick and drop service is also provided.

When the tour is over, all the members are invited to our desert camp so that they can relax. At the desert camp they will be given drinks and they can also have BBQ dinner. So do not miss the chance of making your tour a best one.