Dune buggy is one of the funniest vehicles to drive around in the Dubai deserts. Every tourist taking desert safari tour love to get into adventurous activities and wants to give it a shot in a single look. But dune buggy ride is not for everyone, when you are in the desert. Just Gas It has so many safety hitches and equipment’s on board but it’s just the raw sand at your hair, shoes, clothes and face when you are on the ride. This is something that you should be prepared for before getting on the ride.

Riding dune buggies during summers

There are some precautionary measures that should be taken and safety tips to be followed when you are hitting Dubai Sand dunes in summer. Just Gas It gives its dune buggy rider’s special tips and recommends serious safety measures to be taken when they are riding dune buggy in summers. Dubai is a desert city and is mostly hot, talking specifically about summers in desert, riders are advised to stay hydrated, and if it’s too sunny don’t take your hands off the ride once in motion in order to avoid injuries, dune buggy is an open vehicle so safety tips should be followed.

Try to stay under the shade and wear helmet once you are on the ride, try not to get on to a dune buggy ride in the peak hours of sun, try to ride on the dune buggies in the afternoon or before its evening. This way any accidents or mishaps can be avoided and try to stay as far from the next buggy as possible. It is not as easy as driving a road vehicle and surely it is not even close to driving an SUV.

Before you plan on going on a dune buggy ride, you need to check in advance the weather updates. In the summer season plan your dune buggy trip accordingly, to avoid sun stroke. Wear proper clothes when you are riding a dune buggy, take enough drinks and snacks with you when you are in the desert as suggested by Just Gas It team. All the essential tips given by Just Gas It must be followed for riding a dune buggy especially in summer season.

Services offered by Just Gas It

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You can get the complete range of activities once Just Gas It is the one providing you all these services. Dune buggy is one of the famous adventure sport among the tourists traveling to Dubai for seeking adventure, its famous among all the tourists visiting Dubai for a complete adventure trip of a lifetime. The rental services offered by Just Gas It are popular among every international traveler.