Sand dune bashing in Dubai is an amazing activity for adventure seekers. You can experience the thrill of driving with the shifting sand dunes of Dubai at an adventure safari that is perfect for the nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Just Gas It provides the best offers for Dune buggy hire Dubai, here the professional quad tour guides will provide instructions at how to use and control your vehicles in sand dunes. It is a well-established tour organization encompassing each aspect of high class tourism services in Dubai. If you are seeking an unforgettable and pleasant holiday we are offering so much for the dune buggy rides.

Facts for riding in the sand dunes

Dune Buggy in Dubai

Rides in sand dunes provide a whole new dimension for the off road exploration. Dunes of desert safari provide a real voyage for a magnificent landscape for the unique sand dunes. There are many opportunities for dune bashing in Dubai. 4×4 vehicles are used for off road sand dunes vehicles, other vehicles don’t go along with the sand dunes. To ride on the sand dunes, you need to get proper safety instructions from your guides to get around the natural tracks of these dunes; you need to pick up the speed with the increase of confidence in Dubai sand dunes.

Ride at the comfortable speed zone and stop for a while to catch your breath and get some soft refreshments before you set off again for further adventure. For a memorable experience of dune bashing in Dubai deserts the 4×4 roller coaster ride for Dubai dune bashing Just Gas It is your destination for that. For safe dune bashing you need to strap yourself in a land cruiser in the form of a skilled instructor drives with extreme care through the forceful dunes of desert while picking up the speed that matches with the level of assurance rising inside you.

Don’t come out of your car while there are cars riding close to you to protect your eyes, and in case if you have to, wear protective glasses in order to see around you in the rising sand. For a riders comfort and safety every dune buggy of Just Gas It come with the complete roll cage, safety harness and bucket seats as well. The riders of dune buggy can stop for an Emirati feast and desert camp to enjoy along with other riders.

Services by Just Gas It

For an entire fun filled day of thrilling activities you can never go wrong with the Just Gas It service offer package. You can watch your tires sunk up in the sand at the lowering point, and go off the road for riding the dynamic shifting desert dunes with dune buggy hire Dubai services from Just Gas It. Here you can get the complete package for all the adventurous and thrilling activities to get the best out of your adventuresome trip. With the best range of fun activities and reasonable prices to enjoy all the activities, the trip does end but the memories last forever.