Sand is meant to be enjoyed not to be feared. You can get a thrilling experience of quad biking Dubai in the sand dunes of Arabian dessert. Dubai is the perfect spot to enjoy Quad bike ride along any other desert adventure. Just Gas It has proudly introduced quad bike rental Dubai, by renting the services of Just Gas It you can easily get a quad bike to explore the desert at your own or among your friends. Quad bike ride is the best choice to enjoy a smooth ride on the sand dunes which otherwise is not possible with a regular bike.

If you are thinking that you will be able to ride in the sand at your smooth road tire than you are certainly fooling yourself. While using a regular bike in the sand you will be stuck right at the point where you needed your road tire to work for you but unfortunately it does not work. If you touch the sides of the tires it’s similar to what the ground feels and the smooth sides’ give you trouble in the sand.

Why quad bike on sand?

Quad bike is a three or four wheel motor vehicle with handlebars for correct navigation and tires that exerts low pressure. These bikes are designed to work compatibly with the inaccessible and varied grounds. Resultantly, these bikes are considered best to ride on the sand. Quad biking Dubai is extensively used for adventure and recreation in the sand deserts of Dubai. The use of Quad bike in the sand makes quad cross racing easy for the bikers and it lets them exhibit and enjoy the tricks and jumps with their vehicle.

The four stroke engine of quad bikes that have a capacity of 500 cc usually comes with two or four wheel drive. The two wheeler sport quad bike has the maximum highest speed and it’s capable to do unbelievable stunts and surf in the desert. On the other hand with the added balance to the four wheel quad bike and the larger diameter and surface area of tires, quad bikes can easily hop in the sand dunes. Quad biking can be a frightening task to do for beginners if you are doing it to show some stunts.

Whereas if you are going for a four wheel quad bike ride than it surely is a fun task that you don’t need to be afraid off due to the perfect balance. All these features and benefits of quad bike make it definitely a better choice than a regular bike on sand.

Facilities by Just Gas It

With the services offered by Just Gas It, you are going to enjoy your quad bike ride on sand with certain precautions before embarking for the ride. We offer the best quad bike rental services in Dubai; we ensure that our customers get to spend the best time in Dubai. From motocross to buggy rental and from quad bike to dirt bike rental we offer every single service to provide an exciting and thrilling experience for your Dubai visit. We are offering the best price range for our services with expert guides.