Undoubtedly, dune buggies are the best way to explore the deserts of Dubai and to enjoy your tour at its best level. Why dune buggies are considered as the most appropriate choice when it comes to explore the deserts? The reason is that dune buggies are considered to be as most comfortable vehicle for such purposes.

We provide our customers the best dune buggies which have the most important features too. It is not possible for ordinary vehicles to be used in deserts therefore the use of dune buggies is necessary in such places. Dune buggies also eliminate different types of risks.

Best dune buggies:

Just Gas It provides people with dune buggies Dubai and we give them on rent too. Not only this, our company offered their services in Jet Ski tours too. The whole purpose of such services is to make your trip a memorable one.

Our dune buggies include the following features:

• Goggles.
• Helmets.
• Guide book.
• Gloves.


The area where deserts are located is very hot. Sun rays have a direct exposure on your eyes and body therefore it is not easy for you to open eyes completely. That is why we provide our customers with such goggles which avoid heat and sun rays to a large extent. The use of goggles is very necessary in order to avoid any possible risk.


Another important thing that we provide our customers along with dune buggy is helmet. Helmets have their own significance because they eliminate all kinds of dangerous risks. As the area is very sandy therefore it increases the chances of accidents but by the use of helmet you can easily overcome such issues. Hence dune buggy hire in Dubai to fully enjoy your trip.

Guide book:

The third most important thing that we provide is the guide book. Guide book consists of all the important notes and instructions that a rider needs to know. You can never ride a dune buggy if you are unaware with this guide book. The reason behind it is that if you do not read or follow the instructions you will not be able to ride in a safe way. Moreover you will also not follow the set rules which are also very important.


Due to high temperature and increase in heat your hands will start sweating and you may also loosen the grip which can cause damage. That is why gloves are being provided to fully overcome the problems and to handle them at each possible level.

Our company wants to accommodate the customers at their best and to provide such services which are worthy.

After the ride you will also be accommodated with drinks and BBQ at our campus. You can relax there. The dune buggy consists of automatic gear boxes which control and handle your safety so that you can drive with complete security. The charges vary from hour to hour. It means that if you hire the buggy for one hour then the charges will be different and if you hire for more hours the charges will vary.